Give software, apps, or plugins to your Affiliate Offer

Giving away software, apps or plugins as part of an offer or affiliate promotion is a fantastic opportunity to potentially make more sales and commissions.

Today’s marketer is looking for new ways to reach their ideal buyer through multiple platforms. Take advantage of that by offering software, apps, or plugins to your Affiliate Offer. This is a great way to stand out in the marketplace and keep your affiliate marketing program fresh.

Why should you give software, apps, or plugins to your Affiliate Offer?

Anyone that knows how to use a computer or is getting started loves free software, even if they never use it they know they have access to it whenever they want so it adds a layer of security and comfort to the entire concept.

Why is giving away free software so beneficial…?

One of the main reasons behind this is it can help them to work alongside the training course or product while simplifying the process which will more than likely entice a potential buyer to make a purchase…

It allows for creating one of the highest levels of engagement with your audience while helping to increase awareness to grow your brand.

Giving away software or apps etc is considered one of the best high-value bonuses you can offer to promote a product, course, or service.

To give you an example of this, if someone purchases a search engine optimization guide or course through your affiliate link, you could offer them an SEO plugin that they could use on their WordPress website or blog that simplifies the process of getting ranked higher in search engines.

Cater the bonus to your offer so that it is relevant and consistent with the theme of the promotion.

Another example would be if you are looking to lose weight, you could offer up a custom fitness app that they can download to their phone which will help them to keep track of their intake of daily meals, calories, etc, and how much or less they need to consume to quickly see results.

So where would you find such apps or services that you could use to add as a bonus for your promotions…?

Types of useful software that can be given as an affiliate offer

There are quite a lot of useful services available online that can cater to your needs where you can purchase white label license rights to software that would be suitable for your offers.

You can look to places like:

● Appsumo

● Dealify

● StackSocial

● SaaS Mantra

● Pitchground

● Deal Mirror

Reach out to product vendors and build relationships letting them know that you can promote and send lots of potential buyers to their offers..

The prices of these services do vary so you will need to take time and do some valid research to gain more information while acquiring a better insight to see if they are worth investing in or not.

A really good alternative to this would be to look at offers on Appsumo as they have access to some amazing custom deals from a lot of services that offer up some type of software that could be used.

It is also more affordable as you could purchase access to software with white label reselling rights for as little as $150…

Just note that there will likely be limitations on the number of accounts or apps you could resell with these rights.

This can work greatly in your favor as having a limited number of apps or accounts to give away, will greatly increase the scarcity of your offers…

For example, if you only have access to 50 apps or accounts, that is 50 potential or even guaranteed sales as it will increase hype along with the scarcity of the product while letting your buyers know that they will miss out if they do not buy quickly…

And the best part is that buyers will only get access to this offer only through your affiliate promotion and nowhere else.

Software, Apps or Plugins — Call to Action

Free software, apps, or plugins are a great way to encourage buyers to purchase something you are offering. Not only can they be used as an incentive for purchasing your affiliate offer, but they can also be given away for free to build even more trust with your audience.

Giving free software, apps or plugins encourage potential buyers to by your affiliate offer (in addition to the product) might also increase chance to buy from you instead of other affiliate marketer selling the same offer.

Again, this is another great opportunity to build brand awareness and engagement while providing great value.



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