Three Untapped Traffic Sources To Join and Get More Leads!

Three Untapped Traffic Sources To Join and Get More Leads!
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Businesses today need more leads to succeed. That’s why it’s important for them to identify and tap into new sources of traffic in order to boost their campaign.

But, what are these sources and how can they help? This blog article provides you with three unknown traffic sources that can help you get more leads from customers.

So if you’re looking for a way to boost your online business and improve your lead conversion rate, these are the three sources you need to know about.

Steemit — Blogging & Content Creation Platform
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Steemit - Blogging & Content Creation Platform

Steemit is popular blogging and content creation platform that has been gaining traction in recent years.

On average it gains over 5 million+ views to the content on the platform each month which is an impressive statistic as you can see from the screenshot below:

It is a place to craft ideas and share content related to any topic or niche that you can think of.

Blockchain-style app

The Steemit concept is based on a blockchain-style social media app or decentralized app where users can create content and be rewarded for sharing their voice.

As a user of the platform once you sign up you will get access to plenty of helpful guides, tips, and even fun games to play to make your experience more enjoyable when using the tools and features that are on offer.

It can be used as a place to curate content to allow others to share links, posts, etc to their networks which can increase brand awareness and give more exposure.

You can create your own unique content or leave comments and feedback on posts shared by other creators all while building a community of loyal followers.

Adding tags to your content can also help expose your content to more views but you must ensure that the tags relate to each post you create depending on the topic.

Get paid crypto while sharing your content
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Get paid crypto while sharing your content

One of the great benefits of creating content on steemit is that you can get paid from others upvoting and sharing your content.

The more likes and shares you can acquire, the more revenue you could potentially earn.

Steemit uses its own cryptocurrency simply known as STEEM that you can earn from your content being posted, shared, and leaving comments.

Once you have enough STEEM currency accumulated, you can convert it into other forms of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin for example.

You also have the ability to trade STEEM for the platform's cash alternative known as SBD or Steem Dollars.

To add even more earning opportunities, you can join what is known as Steem Power.

Steem Power acts as a leveling up (Points) system that gives greater opportunities for your content and activities to have more influence on the platform.

So the more Steem Power you have acquired, the more voting power will be at your disposal, earning you more curation rewards.

You can also convert the Steem Power you have back into STEEM which can be used to convert to various sources of cryptocurrency etc.

Steem Power can also be delegated to other users who can also take advantage of and earn from the voting power benefits and curation rewards once assigned.

Chance earn from different avenues

They can essentially get a cut or small percentage of what is being earned from posting, leaving comments and upvotes, etc.

There are several additional ways to earn on the Steemit platform from different avenues such as:

⦁ Content Creator

⦁ Freelance Work

⦁ Taking part in contests and challenges

⦁ Lease/Renting (Delegating) Steem Power

It sounds confusing as all of the earning avenues all fall under similar names but each has its own benefits and can be used to work together to increase your earning potential.

Accessing the platform
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Accessing the platform

Under the learn section of the platform which you can access from the options menu that is situated to the left of the main page on the site you can access various beginner level and advanced courses.

The Steemit creators put together these courses to show you how to earn from the various points systems and cryptocurrencies that are on offer.

You will have everything you need at your disposal to help you get started.

By getting more involved with communities and the other useful elements available on the platform, Steemit can create plenty of opportunities to get more traffic and also earn from your creations.

It is something you should really look into as an additional traffic source.

Warrior Forum — Online Forums
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Warrior Forum - Online Forums

Another untapped resource for traffic is to answer questions and engage on online forums.

This forum has been around for a very long time but a lot of newcomers are not aware of it.

Online forums are a great place to access information regarding specific topics, ideas, and interests.

But most importantly forums are a great place to find highly targeted and engaged viewers that are looking for help with solving problems.

Places like Quora are a great place to find highly engaged traffic although there are plenty of other useful platforms and resources online to help you get your ideas and content in front of the right people.

Warrior Forum is one such alternative you can look into where you can find more highly engaged followers whom you can present your content to.

Your viewers have to know who you are and what you can provide to them.

As with any platform you intend on using to get more traffic, you need to spend some time building an audience of loyal followers.

You need to be honest and provide lots of value before you can even consider asking people to follow you, click the links on your posts, subscribe to your YouTube channel, etc.

Forums can allow you to build rapport and trust with people to answer their questions and help them solve problems.

You can search for topics or specific queries to provide your knowledge depending on your level of experience and expertise.

Find out what people want to know more about and provide them with the information they need.

Establish yourself as an authority

This will help you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche while also exposing your brand to more people.

You can research articles on the warrior forum platform to search for:

⦁ The latest topics

⦁ Trends

⦁ Insights

⦁ Search for topics in specific categories

Once you find a post you want to comment on or contribute to, you want to write lengthy and detailed content similar to that of a short article that documents a processor provides a solution.

Structure solution-style content in a step-by-step format for easy progression as you readers follow through the articles.

You will gradually see the view count increase, and people are more likely to comment and engage if they find the content useful.

For each answer or article piece, you write you can add hashtags around specific keywords to allow users to find your content on the platform.

Getting votes from your content

Most forums have a voting system that allows viewers to upvote each piece of content, similar to the like icon on a YouTube video or Facebook post.

Using this feature and getting more upvotes has the potential for your content to be put out in front of more people who are likely to find it relevant and useful.

You can also share your answers and content on other social media platforms with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

This will increase your potential of getting more views on your content.

Also once you have set up your account profile you can add some links to your other channels or websites that will give you more opportunities to gain more traffic.

If people like what you are providing to them, they are more likely to view your profile and potentially click on any links you have.

Follow the rules and guidelines

A word of caution, forums do have very strict guidelines that must be followed to have the best experience and avoid getting in trouble.

You can’t go around spamming links everywhere or trying to use shady tactics to get people to click your links as this will get your account banned.

As long as you follow the rules and stay within the guidelines, you should continue creating valuable content.

To give an idea of the traffic potential from Warrior Forum, below is a screenshot of the statics and monthly views:

If you like writing and answering questions then using forums could be a good avenue to look into that has lots of potentials to drive a ton of traffic to your offers and services.

It will take time to build your profile and authority, but it has the potential to grow your business to great heights if done correctly.

If you are looking for more opportunities you could look into alternative forums based on your preferences.

Flipboard — Online News
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Flipboard - Online News

Flipboard is a visual news board site that can be used to display and showcase news and stories from all over the world.

Creators and submit and publish content that will be shown on the main news feed of the site.

If the content is popular and it provides value it will have great potential to be curated by viewers sharing the articles throughout various media platforms online.

Huge opportunity to explore your brand authority within your niche.

If you can create content around a trending topic it can have the potential to go viral very quickly as more people view and share the content online.

Flipboard has the potential to help you build your brand and connect with a unique audience who will be interested in what you have to offer as they have a huge customer base of over 100 Million+ viewers that visit and use the site which gains a minimum of over 8 million views each and every month.

You can see a detailed overview of the statistics of the traffic and views gained from the site each month from the image below:


This site might not have the level of views and traffic when you compare it to the social media mammoths of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but there is a lot of potentials to build a loyal audience as it is an untapped traffic source that a lot of people don’t know about.

It’s crazy when you think about it when you look at the numbers but it does give you an idea of how many people are in the world, more like a couple of billion.

You can sign up to the site and create a free account to instantly begin reading the latest and trending articles but the platform also provides plenty of useful resources for content creators and publishers.

You will find plenty of useful articles and tips on creating ideas and working on specific topics, etc even with articles that show you how to build your Flipboard profile to help promote your content using YouTube.

Access other features of Flipboard

You will also get access to additional tools, downloadable resources, and plugins that you can install on your own websites and blogs to further increase your traffic potential and get more views.

You also will have access to a section for branding to work with Flipboard so your content can be promoted to the right viewers that are more interested in the topics and ideas you are presenting on the platform.

The publisher section of Flipboard is where you can submit your content to be displayed on the main news feed of the site.

When signing up you will be asked to submit your website details such as an avatar and RSS feed which will be reviewed to ensure it meets the platform’s guidelines.

Once approved each article you create and add to your profile will be indexed through multiple search-related tags using the platforms topics engine.

Content writing and visual tool
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Content writing and visual tool

If you enjoy creating written and visual content, Flipboard has plenty to offer as it has a wide array of useful tools and resources to help you get your content in front of the right people.

It is also another great traffic source that you can utilize to share your content with more audiences and as it is focused on content curation.

You can let your viewers help spread the word as they can also share articles etc if they find them relevant and useful.

Wrap it Up

Thank you for reading our blog post! In this article, we are going to be discussing three traffic sources that you may not be aware of.

By using these sources, you will be able to join the ranks of successful bloggers and start getting more leads than you ever thought possible.

Do you have any suggestions for other traffic sources? Let us know in the comments below!



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